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Bulk DA PA Checker

Domain Authority and Page Authority are some of the best ways to calculate the ranking and worth of any web site. This is a scale of numbers ranging from 0 to 100 index. Where 0 is the lowest value and 100 is the maximum number of any website. Therefore, this authority factor plays an important role to rank your website on the 1st page of search engine ranking positions and bring the organic traffic on your page. Site’s DA and PA is a score provided by that relies on the strength and relevance of a web page for a specific industry or topic. Now, do not confuse the Domain Authority with Page Authority. They are both different.
While Domain Authority tells us about the overall value of the entire website or domain, on the other hand, Page Authority or PA is the value of a single web page.

Both PA and DA require online tools to find their value. And that’s why we bring this nice tool for you.
Some of the factors that affect DA PA Authority its value are as follows:

Why Use DA PA Checker Tool?

Moz Domain and Page authority are one of the key SEO factors accepted universally by all Digital Marketing brands to easily calculate the value of any website.

How to Use our Bulk DA PA Checker tool?

Using our domain and page authority checker tool is very easy. You only need to follow these basic steps: Go to
In the text box provided, enter all the URLs that you want to the check. Make sure to enter only one URL per line.
Once you have entered all the URLs that you want to check, click the “Check” button.
Within a couple of seconds, you will get the results in the below table by using our powerful engine.
But this DA PA checker tool not only shows you DA and PA of your website. It also shows you Moz rank of all the domains.

Page Authority VS. Domain Authority

Both Page and Domain authorities are different terms and both calculated with different complete factors. Any link that exists on your website has the same PA and DA score and all pages have different scores from each other. If one web page has 200 quality backlinks and 3000 social likes will have more Page authority than the newly created page on your website or the page having less social signals and backlinks.
By using our da pa checker tool, you can easily check as many URLs as you want at once. We offer the fastest and pretty easy solution for checking metrics.

How you can Improve your Website Domain Authority?

The key factor for increasing Domain Authority of your website or blog is to focus on the major things mentioned above are affect the Moz Domain Authority.
One of the most popular and effective ways is to create quality backlinks from high domain and page authorities and relevant sites. Getting backlinks from a website with a higher authority domain are usually considered better than getting backlinks from a lower authority website.
If you are an SEO expert or webmaster, then you should know that "content is the king". Higher quality content on your webpage will bring more audience and traffic to your site. Make sure your content should be easy to read, user-friendly and informative.
So these are the main factors to consider to increase your website domain and page authority.